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Sileby Faces - pre 1960

This website is for the people of Sileby to search for, view and name
their friends, relatives and ancestors in photos prior to 1960.

*** Updated May 2020 (click for details) ***

You can find photos using any of the following three methods:

1) By surname:

Unknown A B C D E F G H I,J,K L M N,O P Q,R S T U,V,W X,Y,Z

2) By photo type:

Uniforms (cubs, bands, military etc.)U
Sports (not school)G
Kids (not school)K
Small Groups (not covered above)L
Large Groups 1 (not covered above)M
Large Groups 2 (not covered above)P
Families & Misc 1B
Families & Misc 2D
Families & Misc 3A

3) By photo year - click HERE


  • The photos can be downloaded by right-clicking the photo and
    selecting "Save image as.."
  • To zoom in, press and hold CTRL and press '+'
  • To zoom out, press and hold CTRL and press '-'
  • To reset the zoom to default, press and hold CTRL and press zero
  • For more info on the conventions used click HERE
  • For background to the project, click HERE

Please contact if you:

  • Have other similar photos or better quality ones.
  • Have any wedding photos pre-1970 that you are willing to share.
  • Can fill in any of the missing details or can confirm those with
    question marks.
  • Spot any mistakes or broken links.
  • Would like your name removed.
  • Would like a high resolution scan of a photo.
  • Have any suggestions.

Thankyou to all those that have provided names.

Please show this site to people that do not have access to the internet.



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