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Project Background

From a very early age I have been interested in faces starting with stamps and coins (remember the faces on the old Victorian pennies?) and later on medals. When my mam and my wife dad passed on we inherited two cases of photos covering a period from 1905 to the 1990's - many of which we may never recognise.

Some people have changed their looks completely e.g. I have a photo of my dad from 1912 with a round chubby face but I remember him as a thin faced grey haired chap when I was a small child in the 40's. Also, the number of hairstyles my mam had over the years totally confused me but luckily my aunt Win was able to identify them.

Then I fell in with Pete Campbell and Eric Wheeler - Sileby Heritage Wardens who supplied me with dozens of photos - thanks a lot lads.

I made up folders of 8-10 photos and forced them onto folks round the village - 99% of the names came from them! They have supplied me with more photos and newspaper cuttings with names on.

People whom without their help nothing would have happened:

  • Photographers of the past (with great admiration for all their endeavours)
  • Lionel & Rosemary Blower (nee Briggs)
  • Pete & Jan Campbell
  • Keith & Pauline Carvill (nee Freestone)
  • Tony & Georgina Doore (nee Toone)
  • John & Dorothy Ferrin (nee Staples)
  • Tony & Elva Green (nee Newby)
  • Norman & Jocelyn Harris (nee Betts)
  • Mrs Betty Holmes (nee Harriman)
  • Alan & Christine Hunt (nee Hetterley)
  • John & Jean Lee
  • Mr Alex Lovett
  • Mrs Pearl Marchant (nee Draper)
  • Mick & Joyce Atkins (nee Dexter)
  • Mrs Glenda Ward (nee Poole)
  • Tony & Sylvia Wells (nee Ward)
  • Mr Eric Wheeler
  • Mr & Mrs John Whittington
  • Mr Brian Yates

Not to mention my family, wife Jane on the writing, Dan on the web, Julie on the photo editing and copying, Joe for the transport and Sam, Ed and Lucy for the three scanners and all the ink and paper. Thanks for putting up with the mess and chaos.

Geoff Rose, Sileby lad.



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