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1944 List of Sileby Men & Women serving in HM Forces

The list below was obtained from a 1944 pamphlet produced by the Sileby Service Men's Comforts Fund. I've tried to determine what the abbreviated ranks on the list stand for but they may be incorrect.

on list
Full rankStatus
Adcock, JSprSapperOK
Alien, N VSgtSergeantOK
Allen, A W-ESgtSergeantOK
Allen, G WL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Allen, J HA C 2Aircraftman 2OK
Allen, J WPtePrivateDead
Allen, LGnrGunnerOK
Allen, RDvrDriverOK
Allen, WA/BAble SeamanOK
Allet, ?A C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Allett, E JO/SeaOrdinary SeamanDead
Ansell, F JSgtSergeantOK
Antill, F AGnrGunnerOK
Armstrong, DPtePrivateOK
Armstrong, PO/TelOrdinary TelegrapherOK
Armstrong, SGnrGunnerOK
Aston, JPtePrivateOK
Bampton, T GL/CplLance CorporalOK
Bandy, F WPtePrivateOK
Barber, LBdrBombardierOK
Barber, MPtePrivateOK
Barber, W LL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Barker, EO/TelOrdinary TelegrapherOK
Barker, GGdsmGuardsmanOK
Barker, GGdsmGuardsmanDead
Barker, J EPtePrivateOK
Barker, TGdsmGuardsmanOK
Barradell, R EGnrGunnerOK
Bates, E APtePrivateOK
Bates, GTprTrooperOK
Bates, T AGnrGunnerOK
Bates, W HPtePrivateOK
Baum, RL/SeaLeading SeamanOK
Beadsmore, R WC/SgtColour SergeantOK
Beadsmore, W JCplCorporalOK
Beadsrnore, W RSgtSergeantDead
Bee, C LDvrDriverOK
Bee, DL/CplLance CorporalOK
Beecharn, FPtePrivateOK
Belton, JL/CplLance CorporalOK
Bettles, E AGnrGunnerOK
Bettles, F H-JGnrGunnerOK
Betts, F WP OPetty OfficerDead
Betts, HGnrGunnerOK
Betts, KPtePrivateOK
Betts, S VL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Betts, T ISgtSergeantDead
Bignall, F GStoStokerOK
Billson, TGnrGunnerOK
Bishop, RGnrGunnerOK
BlockIey, C WPtePrivatePOW
Blunt, JPtePrivatePOW
Boag, ESprSapperOK
Bodkin, P JA/BAble SeamanOK
Bollard, W HL/StdLeading StewardOK
Bond, E HGnrGunnerOK
Bond, FSgtSergeantOK
Bond, L JDvrDriverPOW
Bonsher, SL/StdLeading StewardOK
Bott, A DMneMarineOK
Bott, R EGnrGunnerOK
Bowler, ERfnRiflemanOK
Bowler, WDvrDriverOK
Bowman, RCplCorporalOK
Boyes, R JPtePrivateOK
Brader, F WCaptCaptOK
Bradley, CPtePrivateOK
Bradley, WL/CpLLance CorporalOK
Bradshaw, W JPtePrivateOK
Brazendale, HPtePrivateOK
Breed, AGnrGunnerOK
Breed, W SL/CpILance CorporalOK
Breward, F HPtePrivateOK
Breward, F JO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Breward, J VCfnCraftsmanOK
Briggs, AGnrGunnerOK
Brigham, APtePrivateOK
Brigstock, H HPtePrivateOK
Brooker, FPtePrivateOK
Brown, EPtePrivateOK
Brown, F LPtePrivateOK
Brown, TL/SgtLance SergeantOK
Brown, T KDvrDriverOK
Buckley, EPtePrivateOK
Buckley, GL/CplLance CorporalOK
Bumpus, J AL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Bunney, APtePrivateOK
Bunney, APtePrivateOK
Bunney, S GStoStokerOK
Bunney, WPtePrivateOK
Burnpus, C KPtePrivateOK
Bursnell, GPtePrivateOK
Burton, F CPtePrivateOK
Burton, G APtePrivateOK
Burton, G RPtePrivatePOW
Burton, HMajorMajorOK
Burton, H WFusFusilierOK
Burton, LL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Burton, MPte (A T S )Private, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Burton, PPtePrivateOK
Burton, V FTprTrooperOK
Burton, W HPtePrivateOK
Butler, NPtePrivateOK
Buxton, G TL/CplLance CorporalOK
Buxton, KGnrGunnerOK
Buxton, LPtePrivatePOW
Cameron, FPtePrivateDead
Carr, ACfnCraftsmanOK
Carr, GPtePrivateOK
Carr, RL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Carter, H RP OPetty OfficerOK
Cavagan, SCplCorporalOK
Chamberlain, V MCplCorporalOK (Woman)
Chandler, WL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Chaplin, G RPtePrivatePOW
Chaplin, M EDvrDriverOK
Church, P CCplCorporalOK
Clapton, S K-APtePrivateOK
Clarridge, WRfmRiflemanOK
Cocks, EPtePrivateDead
Colley, T--POW
Cooke, CPtePrivateOK
Cooke, J HGnrGunnerOK
Cornish, W AGnrGunnerOK
Cottrell, C KL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Coulson, C TDvrDriverOK
Coulson, RL A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Coulson, W HCplCorporalOK
Cove, G FL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Cracknell, JA CAircraftmanOK
Cresswell, EA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Croden, AGnrGunnerOK
Crooks, J HAC1Aircraftman 1OK
Dakin, CSprSapperOK
Dakin, FA/BAble SeamanOK
Dakin, JGnrGunnerPOW
Dakin, J B FCplCorporalMissing
Dakin, RDvrDriverOK
Dakin, SPtePrivateOK
Dakin, STprTrooperOK
Dakin, T DL/CplLance CorporalDead
Daykin, S EDvrDriverOK
Dennis, G WGnrGunnerOK
Derry, CPtePrivateOK
Derry, EPtePrivateOK
Dexter, ACplCorporalOK
Dexter, GO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Dickens, E WL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Donkin, G OGnrGunnerOK
Donovan, H AGnrGunnerOK
Doore, APtePrivateOK
Dowman, LL/SLeading SeamanOK
Down, WDvrDriverOK
Draycott, G APtePrivateOK
Dring, L WDvrDriverOK
Dumford, G CA/BAble SeamanOK
Dumford, H AO/TelOrdinary TelegrapherOK
Dunsmore, DTprTrooperOK
Dunsmore, K--OK (Woman)
Eastwood, D JPte (A T S )Private, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Ecker, LGnrGunnerOK
Edwards, CCplCorporalOK
Edwards, J DA C 2Aircraftman 2OK
Edwards, J MA C WAircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Edwards, S ML A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Elliott, F NCplCorporalOK
Elliott, J WA CAircraftmanOK
Evans, J EDvrDriverDead
Evans, J GPtePrivateOK
Farmery, EPtePrivateOK
Fisher, F JL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Fletcher, GStoStokerOK
Fletcher, J WA/B S GAble Seaman GunnerOK
Flint, W ASub/LieutSub-LieutenantOK
Fogg, TSgtSergeantOK
Ford, RCplCorporalOK
Foster, AA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Foster, D LDvrDriverOK
Foster, J ACplCorporalOK
Foulds, G AL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Foulds, LL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Foulds, W FL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Fowkes, T HPtePrivateOK
Fowler, EGnrGunnerOK
Fowler, FGnrGunnerOK
Fox, J FEngEngineerOK
Freeman, C FGnrGunnerOK
Freeman, GL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Freeman, HPtePrivateOK
Freeman, LStoStokerOK
Freeman, W TSprSapperOK
Freer, E EStdStdOK
Freer, W N-BFusFusOK
Gamble, R WGnrGunnerOK
Gamble, W LA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Garner, E NCplCorporalOK (Woman)
Garner, F HL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Glover, E FMneMarinePOW
Glover, F GGnrGunnerOK
Glover, LSgtSergeantOK
Goodban, G JTprTrooperOK
Gray, S T-GMajorMajorOK
Greasley, AL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Greatorex, J HDvrDriverOK
Green, EPtePrivateOK
Green, E A-BDvrDriverOK
Green, SA/B S TAble Seaman, Steam Tanker?OK
Gretton, ESgtSergeantOK
Grouse, HPtePrivatePOW
Grouse, R CL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Haddon, E JA/BAble SeamanOK
Hail, E EL A C WLeading AircraftWomanOK (Woman)
Hail, G HO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Hale, AL/BdrLance BombardierOK
Hall, G APtePrivateOK
Hall, HPtePrivateOK
Hall, H GGnrGunnerOK
Hall, J RGnr/SigGunner / SignallerOK
Hallam, E LL/SeaLeading SeamanOK
Hammond, K W-FA C 2Aircraftman 2OK
Hardy, T WDvrDriverOK
Hargreaves, KSprSapperOK
Harrard, SL/CplLance CorporalOK
Harris, FPtePrivateOK
Harrison, A FPtePrivateOK
Harrison, L WA/P OActing Petty OfficerOK
Haslop, W FPtePrivateOK
Hassock, RGnrGunnerOK
Hayes, ?L A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Heaps, H JGnrGunnerOK
Heaps, S RA M EA M EOK
Henson, J HBdrBombardierOK
Henson, S VPtePrivateOK
Hetterley, AL/CplLance CorporalOK
Hetterley, C APtePrivateOK
Hetterley, C EA CAircraftmanOK
Hetterley, E WA C 2Aircraftman 2OK
Hetterley, K GA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Hewes, B VF/OFlying OfficerOK
Hewitt, R WA/BAble SeamanOK
Hewitt, S AL/CplLance CorporalOK
Hickling, G CSgtSergeantOK
Higgins, A EPtePrivateOK
Hipwell, W LPtePrivateOK
Holloway, N GA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Holmes, LGnrGunnerOK
Holmes, M WPtePrivateOK
Holmes, WO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Howe, W F2nd/Lieut2nd LieutenantOK
Howlett, ACplCorporalDead
Hoyes, HL/BdrLance BombardierOK
Hubbard, S WO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Hudson, C WDvrDriverOK
Hudson, PA CAircraftmanOK
Hudson, R HSgtSergeantMissing
Hughes, APtePrivateOK
Humphrey, CPtePrivateDead
Hunt, AL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Hunt, E GA /BAble SeamanOK
Hurt, A RCplCorporalOK
Hyman, E AO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Hyman, JL/Cpl (A T S)Lance Corporal, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Hyman, R WGnrGunnerOK
Iliffe, ASgtSergeantOK
Iliffe, G LL/CplLance CorporalOK
Jackson, RA/BAble SeamanOK
James, E HPtePrivateOK
James, G AGnrGunnerOK
Jessop, FPtePrivateOK
Johnson, J WDvrDriverOK
Jones, E APtePrivateOK
Jones, SL/CplLance CorporalOK
Jordon, KPtePrivateOK
Joyce, RTprTrooperOK
Joyce, SGnrGunnerOK
Keeling, V EPtePrivateOK
Keirle, SGdsrnGdsrnOK
Kemp, C WGnrGunnerOK
Kidger, C PPtePrivateOK
Kidger, E MCookCookOK
Kidger, IDvrDriverOK
Kidger, KP OPetty OfficerOK
Kidger, R FS P OStoker Petty OfficerOK
Kimber, BPtePrivateOK
Kimber, EL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Kirby, T DPtePrivateOK
Kirk, B NA CAircraftmanOK
Kirk, JPte (A T S )Private, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Knight, B PPtePrivateOK
Knight, D WSigSignallerOK
Knight, R JTelTelegraphistOK
Latham, A HPtePrivateOK
Latham, J E--OK
Latham, N FO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Leake, A EGnrGunnerOK
Lee, JA CAircraftmanOK
Lee, JGnrGunnerOK
Lee, JPte (A T S )Private, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Lee, VMusnMusnOK
Lees, J TSgtSergeantOK
Lewin, A NPtePrivateOK
Lewin, F CGnrGunnerOK
Lewin, H WA/BAble SeamanOK
Lewis, SDvrDriverDead
Litherland, J HDvrDriverOK
Lockwood, LCplCorporalOK
Lockyer, D GSgtSergeantOK
Lockyer, G J--OK
Lovett, GPtePrivateOK
Lovett, G AL/CplLance CorporalOK
Lovett, HSgtSergeantOK
Lovett, W EL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Luxford, PSgtSergeantOK
Lyle, ?GnrGunnerOK
MacDonald, MPtePrivateOK
Marlow, T HSgtSergeantMissing
Marshall, A FSgtSergeantOK
Marshall, G WP OPetty OfficerOK
Marston, KPtePrivateOK
Martin, GPtePrivateOK
Masterman, ?L/CplLance CorporalOK
Matthews, GGnrGunnerOK
McDonald, WBdrBombardierPOW
McKay, JSgtSergeantOK
McKendrick, ?StoStokerOK
McKendrick, GPtePrivateOK
Meadows, JCplCorporalOK
Mercy, KL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Middleton, C ESprSapperOK
Middleton, E HGnrGunnerOK
Middleton, F KGnrGunnerOK
Middleton, JPtePrivateOK
Middleton, T LPtePrivateOK
Minty, DPtePrivateOK
Mitchell, HDvrDriverOK
Moore, J K--OK (Woman)
Moore, NA/SeaAble SeamanOK
Moore, RO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Morley, A RGnrGunnerOK
Morley, DA/BAble SeamanOK
Morley, G WL/CplLance CorporalOK
Morley, JL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Morris, G EL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Morris, T HFlt /SgtFlight SergeantOK
Mortimer, PPtePrivatePOW
Moss, F WPtePrivateOK
Neale, D SPtePrivateOK
Neale, T ASeaSeaOK
Needham, CDvrDriverOK
Newbold, DLieutLieutenantOK
Newbold, FPtePrivateOK
Newbold, GSgt /PilotSergeant / PilotDead
Newbold, HL A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Newbold, WPtePrivateOK
Newby, L CGnrGunnerOK
Newham, H B--OK
Newton, J FGnrGunnerOK
Newton, R HPtePrivateOK
Newton, W HGnrGunnerOK
Noon, APtePrivateOK
North, JPtePrivateOK
Norton, L TFlt /LieutFlight LieutenantOK
Ogden, TTprTrooperOK
Orchard, WPtePrivateOK
Orton, BA C WAircraftwomanDead (Woman)
Orton, JGnrGunnerOK
Orton, L HL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Oswin, BSgtSergeantOK
Oswin, CA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Otter, JGnrGunnerOK
Padwick, F EL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Paling, R LA CAircraftmanOK
Palmer, TPtePrivateDead
Parker, AA/BAble SeamanOK
Parkinson, E WFlt /LieutFlight LieutenantOK
Parkinson, GPtePrivateOK
Parkinson, J ESgt/InstSergeant / InstructorOK
Parkinson, W HSprSapperOK
Parnell, E WPtePrivateOK
Partridge, D--OK
Partridge, H WPtePrivateOK
Payne, C FSprSapperOK
Payne, FA/BAble SeamanOK
Pear, FDvrDriverOK
Pear, SFusFusillierDead
Pear, WGnrGunnerOK
Pearson, BL A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Pearson, J FPtePrivatePOW
Pearson, R LA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Pepper, I SSgtSergeantOK
Percival, DL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Perry, AA/BAble SeamanOK
Perry, LL/CplLance CorporalPOW
Phillips, JSprSapperOK
Piggins, JL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Piggins, J SL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Piggins, SA CAircraftmanOK
Pipes, HA CAircraftmanOK
Polhill, WSgtSergeantOK
Poole, EGnrGunnerOK
Pope, CPtePrivateDead
Porter, APtePrivateOK
Porter, APtePrivateOK
Porter, BL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Porter, C JPtePrivateOK
Porter, EPtePrivateOK
Porter, L WSeaSeaOK
Porter, RL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Porter, WA/BAble SeamanOK
Powell, LA/BAble SeamanOK
Preston, C RPtePrivatePOW
Preston, ESto IIStoker, 2nd ClassOK
Preston, FDvrDriverOK
Preston, FPtePrivateOK
Preston, F ICplCorporalOK
Preston, GGnrGunnerOK
Preston, G AL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Preston, JPtePrivateOK
Preston, MCpl (A T S )Corporal, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Preston, RL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Preston, RL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Preston, R HL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Preston, SL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Price, A NO/TelOrdinary TelegrapherDead
Ratcliffe, CPtePrivateOK
Raynor, LGnrGunnerMissing
Reansbury, BL A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Rennocks, KCplCorporalOK
Richardson, F CC S MCompany Sergeant MajorOK
Richardson, G FSgtSergeantOK
Richardson, JWrenWrenOK (Woman)
Riley, GPtePrivateOK
Riley, HGnrGunnerOK
Roberts, C ASgtSergeantOK
Roberts, GPtePrivateOK
Rodwell, EDvrDriverOK
Rogers, G APtePrivateOK
Rouse, T JPtePrivateOK
Rowlatt, W MPte (A T S)Private, A.T.S.OK (Woman)
Rudkin, JCookCookOK
Rudkin, SO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Rushin, J RL/CpLLance CorporalOK
Sandham, J TPtePrivatePOW
Saunders, EL/CplLance CorporalOK
Saunders, VW/OWarrant OfficerOK
Sawyer, HPtePrivateOK
Scarborough, HGnrGunnerOK
Scarborough, ML/SgtLance SergeantOK
Sharp, BL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Sharp, E WA/BAble SeamanOK
Sharp, JSgtSergeantOK
Sharp, R WSgtSergeantOK
Sharpe, FCplCorporalDead
Sharpe, F EFlt /SgtFlight SergeantOK
Sharpe, GL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Sharpe, M BL A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Sharpe, P ML A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Sharpe, WSprSapperDead
Sheehan, P JA/BAble SeamanOK
Sheehan, WL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Shuttlewood, EGnrGunnerOK
Shuttlewood, E CL/CplLance CorporalOK
Shuttlewood, RPtePrivateOK
Sibson, G SA/G 1Aerographers Mate, 1st classOK
Simons, GPtePrivateOK
Sleath, F BA C WAircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Smart, E RSgtSergeantOK
Smart, G WL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Smith, AA/BAble SeamanOK
Smith, ABdrBombardierOK
Smith, AGnrGunnerOK
Smith, C FGnrGunnerOK
Smith, D GSgtSergeantOK
Smith, E GGnrGunnerDead
Smith, E LMusnMusnOK
Smith, FGnrGunnerOK
Smith, F ADvrDriverOK
Smith, F JSigmSignallerOK
Smith, GCplCorporalOK
Smith, G EA/BAble SeamanOK
Smith, HL/CplLance CorporalOK
Smith, J D--OK
Smith, J DA/BAble SeamanOK
Smith, L APtePrivateOK
Smith, PCplCorporalOK
Smith, RPtePrivateDead
Smith, SCplCorporalOK
Smith, S GCplCorporalOK
Smith, S GGnrGunnerOK
Smith, S GSgtSergeantOK
Smith, TPtePrivateOK
Smith, T AA CAircraftmanOK
Smith, T WMneMarineOK
Smith, WA/BAble SeamanOK
Smith, WDvrDriverOK
Smith, W BPtePrivateOK
Snow, DTprTrooperDead
Snow, H FPtePrivateOK
Spence, L ABdrBombardierOK
Staples, W HPtePrivateOK
Startin, S WSprSapperOK
Stiff, J HL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Stringer, B CP OP OOK
Summerfield, JPtePrivateOK
Summerfield, RAM/LAir MarshalOK
Swan, G APtePrivateOK
Talbot, ESgtSergeantOK
Tate, WPtePrivateOK
Taylor, APtePrivateOK
Taylor, A AA/BAble SeamanOK
Taylor, CL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Taylor, F JO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Taylor, G HGnrGunnerOK
Taylor, JPtePrivateOK
Taylor, S EL/CplLance CorporalOK
Taylor, W HSgtSergeantOK
Thorndyke, C MSgtSergeantOK
Thurman, EPtePrivateOK
Toone, AGrirGrirOK
Towell, SSprSapperOK
Trasler, G AA/BAble SeamanOK
Trasler, S EO/SeaOrdinary SeamanOK
Turlington, GMneMarineOK
Turlington, J HL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Turner, V WSgtSergeantPOW
Tyas, A EGnrGunnerOK
Underwood, B JSprSapperOK
Wakelin, GGdsmGuardsmanOK
Walker, C RPtePrivateOK
Walker, G FPtePrivateOK
Walker, JStoStokerOK
Wallin, G H-SPtePrivateOK
Wallin, H J-RSprSapperOK
Wallin, W NSigmSignallerOK
Walters, CC/ACivil AffairsOK
Walters, C LGnrGunnerOK
Walters, JL/CplLance CorporalOK
Walters, T HGnrGunnerOK
Ward, CL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Ward, G WGnrGunnerOK
Ward, HPtePrivateOK
Ward, J DO/TelOrdinary TelegrapherOK
Ward, J LA/BAble SeamanOK
Waring, ASgtSergeantOK
Waring, H DCplCorporalOK
Waring, J WPtePrivateOK
Warner, HSprSapperOK
Watts, A SA/BAble SeamanOK
Welch, C JSgtSergeantOK
Wells, APtePrivateOK
Weston, C HTprTrooperOK
Weston, J EPtePrivateOK
Whiles, G WSgt /PilotSergeant / PilotDead
Whitaker, NSprSapperOK
White, C FA CAircraftmanOK
White, H CL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
White, SCfnCraftsmanOK
Whitehouse, JSgtSergeantOK
Whitehouse, RPtePrivateOK
Whiteman, FPtePrivateOK
Whittington, A EA/BAble SeamanOK
Whittington, A RSprSapperOK
Whittington, DF/OFlying OfficerOK
Whittington, J HSprSapperOK
Whittington, SPtePrivateOK
Whittington, SPtePrivateOK
Whittington, S AA C 2Aircraftman 2OK
Widdowson, FL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Widdowson, F HDvrDriverOK
Widdowson, RGnrGunnerOK
Widdowson, WA C 1Aircraftman 1OK
Wigley, K WCplCorporalOK
Wild, J W-JA/BAble SeamanOK
Wilkerson, GPtePrivateOK
Willcocks, E SA/BAble SeamanOK
Willett, B--OK
Willett, EL A C WLeading AircraftwomanOK (Woman)
Willett, E RL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Willett, K RSgtSergeantOK
Williams, ATprTrooperOK
Williams, F ACplCorporalOK
Williams, RL A CLeading AircraftmanOK
Williamson, A ESprSapperOK
Wilson, BPtePrivateOK (Woman)
Wilson, JFusFusillierOK
Winnett, TDvrDriverOK
Wise, E HCfmCraftsmanOK
Wood, E FDvrDriverOK
Wood, J RGnrGunnerOK
Woodford, PL/SgtLance SergeantOK
Wright, F WTprTrooperOK
Wykes, W H--OK
Yates, CSgtSergeantOK
Yates, H ATprTrooperOK
Yates, I MPtePrivateOK (Woman)
Yates, RPtePrivateOK
Yates, R GSgtSergeantOK
Yates, W FLieutLieutenantOK
Yates, W GSeaSeamanOK
Yendall, A FSgtSergeantOK


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