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Those who died in World War I

Click on a name in the list below for more details.

War dead from Seagrave and Cossington are also included - the village
name is in square brackets after the person's name.

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Allen, Harry LeicestershirePrivate241825
Allen, William BedforshirePrivate40690
Barber, Joel S Royal Field ArtilleryDriver201025
Barber, Walter Everald Canadian Field ArtilleryGunner7727
Barker, Thomas Durham Light InfantryPrivate77935
Beadman, Albert William LeicestershirePrivate27282
Bell, Herbert Edward[Seagrave] Royal WarwickshirePrivate20348
Bell, Thomas Anthony[Seagrave] Machine Gun CorpsLance Sergeant4304
Betts, Albert LeicestershirePrivate10219
Betts, Amos Gregory Sherwood ForestersLance Corporal11902
Betts, Charles Edward LeicestershirePrivate3295
Betts, Percival Edward South StaffordshirePrivate32507
Betts, William Durham Light InfantryPrivate80542
Breed, Walter LeicestershirePrivate11910
Buxton, George LeicestershirePrivate40700
Carvill, Tom King's Royal Rifle CorpsRifleman6238
Chawner, J MiddlesexLance Corporal3264
Chester, George Oscar[Seagrave] Leicestershire YeomanryPrivate1974
Clarke, Sidney South StaffordshirePrivate42269
Clarke, William East LancashirePrivate30054
Clarridge, George LeicestershirePrivate202467
Condon, Francis FREDrick Grenadier GuardsPrivate28370
Dennis, Leslie King's Royal Rifle CorpsLance Sergeant6265
Draycott, Charlie LeicestershirePrivate40707
Eastwood, Frank LeicestershirePrivate240482
Freer, Albert Highland Light InfantryPrivate8581
Gamble, J ???
Gamble, Leonard Royal Field ArtilleryGunner32243
Gamble, Reuben LeicestershirePrivate18249
Gamble, William H LeicestershireCorporal2266
Harriman, Albert Roland LeicestershirePrivate241838
Hickling, Horice Edmund[Cossington] Sherwood ForestersPrivate106657
Holland, Ernest LeicestershireSergeant16367
Hollings, Ernest LeicestershirePrivate7439
Holmes, Mark William LeicestershirePrivate5504
Hubbard, Edgar Royal FusiliersPrivate66023
Hubbard, Joseph HMS QueenAble SeamanSS/4578
Hubbard, William LeicestershirePrivate8018
Hudson, Charles Henry[Cossington] ??59454
Huss, R W[Seagrave] Leicestershire YeomanryPrivate255885
Johnson, Frank LeicestershirePrivate3261
Keeling, Ernest Northumberland FusiliersLance Corporal75136
Kidger, Cornelius West YorksPrivate12914
Kidger, Ernest LeicestershirePrivate9767
King, Arthur Yorks Light InfantryPrivate46676
Kirkby, H [Cossington] LeicestershirePrivate240494
Lawton, Henry Joseph LeicestershireSergeant10221
Lovett, Walter Northumberland FusiliersPrivate47447
Meadows, William Henry Grenadier GuardsPrivate14508
Middleton, Alfred Lancashire FusiliersPrivate48868
Middleton, Horace LeicestershirePrivate20276
Moir, Leslie John LeicestershirePrivate1732
Newby, Ernest Machine Gun CorpsPrivate53232
Newton, Harry Alfred LeicestershirePrivate242370
Nunnley, John LeicestershireLance Corporal8350
Perkins, Edward LeicestershireSergeant Major8751
Perry, Alfred Frederick N Flight, RAFSecond Lieutenant-
Phillips, George LeicestershirePrivate240344
Porter, Ernest LeicestershirePrivate2211
Preston, Harold Machine Gun CorpsCorporal60388
Raven, Wilfred Durham Light InfantryPrivate42470
Reeves, B Royal Engineers??619680?
Reffin, Alphonso LeicestershireLance Corporal2213
Riddle, John Edward King's HussarsPrivate44
Riley, T LeicestershirePrivate4220
Rouse, H LeicestershirePrivate38021
Samuel, George NorthamptonshirePrivate?
Sarson, C W South StaffordshirePrivate24390
Sharp, Thomas Edward[Seagrave] LeicestershirePrivate27609
Sharp, Walter LeicestershirePrivate16405
Shaw, George ???
Smedley, Hubert Foxall[Seagrave] Tank CorpsPrivate307615
Smith, Abraham Canadian InfantryCorporal139436
Smith, Fred LeicestershirePrivate241491
Smith, Percy LeicestershirePrivate40283
Spencer, Herbert Payne[Seagrave] Royal Garrison ArtilleryGunner123133
Staniforth, James North StaffsPrivate241858
Staples, John LeicestershirePrivate12029
Stuchbury, Clarence W[Seagrave] Leicestershire YeomanrySergeant1261
Taylor, Bristol LeicestershirePrivate11940
Taylor, Leonard LeicestershirePrivate12110
Toone, Thomas Royal Field ArtilleryDriver186525
Walker, Wilfred John LeicestershirePrivate27162
Walters, Louis Henry LeicestershirePrivate22943
Walton, Bernard Roger[Cossington] HMS VictoryStoker, 2nd ClassK/29863
Ward, George Samuel NorthamptonshirePrivate201389
Ward, Joseph Tailby LincolnshirePrivate46214
Ward, Thomas LeicestershirePrivate241070
Wartnaby, George Cecil[Seagrave] Royal Field ArtilleryDriver201024
Watson, George William King's Royal Rifle CorpsRiflemanC/853
Wells, J H[Seagrave] Royal Garrison ArtilleryGunner80612
Wells, John William LeicestershireLance Corporal16368
Weston, Arthur Graham Royal ScotsPrivate351930
White, James Canadian InfantryPrivate219803
White, James Andrew Canadian InfantryCorporal193394
White, Walter Canadian InfantryPrivate249094
Whittington, Arthur Edward LeicestershirePrivate15875
Widdowson, Arthur Coldstream GuardsPrivate3432
Widdowson, Arthur [Seagrave] ???
Wild, John LeicestershirePrivate12561
Wilson, Charles LeicestershireCorporal6895
Wilson, Sidney [Cossington] West RidingLance Corporal4/2486
Wood, George MiddlesexPrivate203155
Wood, Herbert South StaffordshirePrivate42372
Wortley, James Arthur Scottish BordersPrivate41306
Yates, Charles B(orC) HMS CoventryCorporalCH/19287
Yates, Charles Fredrick LeicestershireLance Corporal240470
Yates, Joseph RA Service CorpsDriverT/294129
Yates, Joseph Walter RN Volunteer ReserveAble SeamanR/1053


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