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Those who died in World War II

Click on a name in the list below for more details.

War dead from Seagrave and Cossington are also included - the village
name is in square brackets after the person's name.

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  • know of any people or details not included.
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Allen, John William LeicestershirePrivate4854488
Allett, Ernest John HMS MartinOrdinary SeamanC/JX317615
Barker, Gordon Wilfred Grenadier GuardsGuardsman14223900
Beadsmoore, C W ???
Beadsmoore, Wilfred Reginald RAF Volunteer ReserveSergeant,
Wireless Operator
Betts, Frederick Walter-William HMS President IIIPetty OfficerD/JX179383
Betts, T I ???
Blunt, Jack Royal NorfolkPrivate5776606
Bumpus, Richard RA Service CorpsDriverT/204369
Cameron, F ???
Cocks, Edward Joseph LeicestershirePrivate4868632
Dakin, Thomas Daniel NorthamptonshireLance Corporal5889243
Evans, Joseph Ernest RA Service CorpsDriverT/288456
Hall, Henry LeicestershirePrivate4861121
Howlett, Arnold Edward LeicestershireLance Sergeant4862259
Hudson, Robert Henry RAF Volunteer ReserveSergeant, Air Gunner3050164
Humphrey, Clarence Gilbert South StaffordshirePrivate4864984
Lewis, S ???
MacDonald, William Bedfordshire YeomanryBombardier956446
Marlow, Thomas Harold RAF Volunteer ReserveSergeant1153788
Newbold, Gilbert Arthur RAF Volunteer ReserveSergeant, Pilot1163009
Orchard, William LeicestershirePrivate4863406
Orton, Betty Womens Auxilary Air ForceAircraftwoman, 1st Class2058675
Palmer, Thomas Herbert LeicestershirePrivate4861188
Pear, Sidney DorsetshirePrivate14556351
Pope, Cyril LeicestershireLance Corporal4858381
Price, Albert Norman HMS GangesOrdinary TelegraphistJX.204637
Saunders, Victor James RAF Volunteer ReserveWarrant Officer1196536
Sharpe, F ???
Sharpe, W ???
Smith, E G ???
Smith, Harry Raymond LeicestershirePrivate4860847
Smith, John Dennis LeicestershirePrivate14660140
Snow, Douglas Royal TankTrooper7909339
Whiles, George William RAF Volunteer ReserveSergeant, Pilot1249500


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