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1918 Absent Voters List

Below is a list of Sileby people that were noted as absent (and presumably at war) for the 1918 vote.

"There was a General Election in 1918. All those away from their place of residence were listed on Absent Voters Lists. Men had to be 21 years or over to vote. An act of Parliament passed on 6 February, 1918 allowed service men to register in order to obtain a vote in a constituency of their home address. The first lists were published on 15 October, 1918 from applications received up to 18 August, 1918. The second list was published on 15 April, 1919." (courtesy of )

In Sileby there appears to have been three lists.

The people marked with ** in the list are named on the either the 2nd or 3rd lists but do not have an 'a' for absent marked against them. They may have been at war whilst the first list was made.

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on list
1495Adams, Arthur **Seagrave Rd
1447Adcock, Ernest102 King St
1243Allen, George **16 High Street
1212Allen, Harry140 Barrow Rd
216Allen, Herbert5 Little Church Lane
112Allen, Tom92 Barrow Rd
470Allen, William34 Back Lane
1278Allen, William **109 Cossington Rd
1183Allen, William Hector20 Barrow Rd
244Allsopp, William6 High Street
1492Astill, Peter Frederick **King St
223Baker, Charles Joseph14 Little Church Lane
1304Ball, Herbert Lacey15 Albion Rd
1416Bandy, Emil55 Swan St
194Bandy, George Harry16 Mountsorrel Lane
1322Barber, Arnold Frank12 Brook St
1487Barber, Emma ha **Back Lane
1208Barker, Thomas Henry110 Barrow Rd
191Barker, William10 Mountsorrel Lane
1418Barwell, John **61 Swan St
1419Barwell, Richard61 Swan St
960Barwell, Tom22 King St
190Bates, Edward Arthur8 Mountsorrel Lane
1256Bates, George Harry19 Cossington Rd
1488Beadman, Louisa Dorothy **46 The Banks
1023Beardsmore, Wilfred John67 King St
1386Bee, Charles ArthurRatcliffe Rd
754Bee, James Astill33 Ratcliffe Rd
1273Berdinner, Charles Richard101 Cossington Rd
1357Betts, Aubrey36 Cemetery Rd
253Betts, Ernest20 High Street
1255Betts, Frederick17 Cossington Rd
1217Betts, George Edmund160 Barrow Rd
1074Betts, Harry7 Seagrave Rd
1434Betts, Harry64 King St
1417Betts, Walter **59 Swan St
1184Betts, William Victor22 Barrow Rd
1456Bignall, Harry William8 Seagrave Rd
1195Billson, Samuel66 Barrow Rd
315Bingley, George36 Cossington Rd
1374Bishop, Herbert13 Avenue Rd
1449Blockley, Fred **112 King St
308Blockley, George32 Cossington Rd
1450Blockley, John William112 King St
1490Blockley, John William **90 King St
712Blockley, Wilfred48 Cemetery Rd
1473Bollard, Ernest104 Seagrave Rd
1310Bollard, Hiram33 Albion Rd
1334Bond, Alfred Ernest1 The Banks
465Bond, Edwin Harry20 Back Lane
1335Bond, William Archibald1 The Banks
1385Bosworth, John Alleyne **Ratcliffe Rd
1458Boulter, John **10 Seagrave Rd
1496Boulton, Edward **Seagrave Rd
984Bowman, Ernest Edgar43 King St
1346Boyes, Horace Edward **86 The Banks
1383Bradley, James Colin73 Ratcliffe Rd
1347Bray, Cyril Edwin **The Banks
1397BrayBrook, Francis William18 Swan St
283Breed, Arthur14 Cossington Rd
880Breward, George Harry53 Swan St
1410Breward, Horace **42 Swan St
758Breward, Jesse39 Ratcliffe Rd
1354Breward, Thomas **24 Cemetery Rd
1333Breward, Thomas Henry31 Hobbswick
1158Briers, Charles128 Seagrave Rd
1329Brown, William27 Brook St
1235Bunney, Stephen **29 Little Church Lane
969Burgess, George34 King St
921Burton, Albert76 Swan St
1236Burton, Allan **31 Little Church Lane
1361Burton, Allen Albert58 Cemetery Rd
1313Burton, John Alfred35 Albion Rd
1478Burton, Joseph **Seagrave Rd
1362Burton, Marshall Harry **58 Cemetery Rd
633Burton, Thomas45 The Banks
234Burton, Walter31 Little Church Lane
1177Buxton, Albert18 Barrow Rd
1372Buxton, George Oliver7 Avenue Rd
1363Buxton, Maurice Stanley **60 Cemetery Rd
1264Camp, Charles Ernest33 Cossington Rd
1202Capel, Albert90 Barrow Rd
1203Capel, William90 Barrow Rd
1432Carvell, William **62 King St
1435Carvill, George64 King St
1436Carvill, Tom64 King St
1437Carvill, William64 King St
386Cawdron, Frederick Edwin151 Cossington Rd
1284Cawdron, Henry Frederick-George151 Cossington Rd
593Chawnor, Thomas5 The Banks
876Clarke, Alfred Henry51 Swan St
1390Clarke, Sidney5 Swan St
1338Clarke, Thomas Bennett4 The Banks
1474Clarke, William108 Seagrave Rd
188Cleaver, John6 Mountsorrel Lane
1497Cliffe, Elijah **Seagrave Rd
1464Cocks, Arthur **52 Seagrave Rd
1465Cocks, Henry Edward52 Seagrave Rd
1193Collier, Joseph **53 Barrow Rd
1194Collier, William **53 Barrow Rd
1248Collington, George Frederick **35 High Street
654Collington, William63 The Banks
1209Cook, Percival110 Barrow Rd
360Cooke, John Samuel-Percy113 Cossington Rd
1308Coulson, Richard Henry **27 Albion Rd
52Cufflin, John Henry37 Barrow Rd
1311Dakin, Fred **33 Albion Rd
610Dakin, James31 The Banks
1389Dakin, Joseph1 Swan St
1272Dakin, Robert William **65 Cossington Rd
1286Dakin, William232 Cossington Rd
1228Dakin, William Arthur12 Mountsorrel Lane
1326Darns, William **17 Brook St
222Deacon, Samuel Harold13 Little Church Lane
580Dexter, Wilfred Lawson7&9 Hobbswick
1253Draper, William Wilkins10 Cossington Rd
1305Draycott, Frank17 Albion Rd
1213Dring, Henry Wilson142 Barrow Rd
1214Dring, Thomas Wilfred-Wilson142 Barrow Rd
1275Eastwood, Ralph Cyril103 Cossington Rd
1301Eayrs, Barnes **5 Albion Rd
1072Elliott, John6 Seagrave Rd
1415Elliott, William53 Swan St
727Faulkner, Arthur Richard1 Avenue Rd
292Ferrin, John20 Cossington Rd
1379Fisher, Charles Albert-Victor2 Ratcliffe Rd
220Foster, Herbert9 Little Church Lane
529Foster, Joseph Albert45 Albion Rd
702Foster, Robert34 Cemetery Rd
1218Foulds, Edmund162 Barrow Rd
1086Foulds, Walter18 Seagrave Rd
1440Francis, Percy Allan77 King St
1441Francis, Sidney Herbert77 King St
1442Francis, Walter Edwin-James77 King St
1428Freeman, Henry51 King St
1268Freer, Ambrose55 Cossington Rd
1281Freer, Frank146 Cossington Rd
1282Freer, George Harry **146 Cossington Rd
475Freer, Samuel40 Back Lane
1414Freer, Walter **52 Swan St
558Fuller, Arthur Henry15 Brook St
1323Fuller, Edward Frank15 Brook St
1262Gamble, George Rouse30 Cossington Rd
1197Gent, Ernest72 Barrow Rd
1198Gent, Horace72 Barrow Rd
1231Gibbs, Brian Caloe **Mountsorrel Lane
1232Gibbs, Owen Stanley **Mountsorrel Lane
186Glover, Ernest4 Mountsorrel Lane
1332Glover, George **27 Hobbswick
1302Glover, Wilfrid George12 Albion Rd
266Goss, Charles Frederick39 High Street
1274Gray, Andrew Paton102 Cossington Rd
1206Hall, Bert108 Barrow Rd
1058Hall, Henry Wilmot108 King St
1207Hall, William Henry108 Barrow Rd
1337Hardy, John2 The Banks
1438Hardy, William Harry64 King St
1359Harriman, Samuel52 Cemetery Rd
1360Harriman, William Edward52 Cemetery Rd
1344Harrison, George **52 The Banks
1249Heggs, Herbert Edwin43 High Street
1178Henson, John William18 Barrow Rd
3Hetterley, Charles Arthur5 Barrow Rd
1295Hetterley, Daniel10 Quaker Rd
707Hetterley, George40 Cemetery Rd
1343Hetterley, Percy **55 The Banks
1296Hetterley, William Edwin10 Quaker Rd
1422Hill, Lillie Caroline-Betsy-Binnington **2 King St
1187Hockley, Albert29 Barrow Rd
1312Holland, John **33 Albion Rd
1424Houghton, Samuel20 King St
665Howe, Joseph80 The Banks
1224Hubbard, Joseph178 Barrow Rd
1427Hubbard, Walter49 King St
661Hubble, Cyril74 The Banks
1265Hudson, Walter Henry33 Cossington Rd
651Hughes, Frank60 The Banks
1258Hull, Albert Edward23 Cossington Rd
1257Hull, Alfred23 Cossington Rd
1324Hull, Arthur **17 Brook St
1461Hull, Harold **26 Seagrave Rd
1462Hull, Marshall William26 Seagrave Rd
1259Hull, William **23 Cossington Rd
1467Hutchinson, Joseph Castle **86 Seagrave Rd
1444Hyman, Arthur80 King St
653Hyman, William62 The Banks
1421Jackson, Aloysius Charles89 Swan St
604James, Albert Arthur20 The Banks
1494Johnson, William Marshall **Seagrave Rd
1480Jones, Thomas **Mountsorrel Lane
1279Jones, William Horace131 Cossington Rd
1443Jordan, Osman William77 King St
13Keeling, Ernest12 Barrow Rd
1276Keeling, Lewis105 Cossington Rd
1277Keeling, William **105 Cossington Rd
1405Kidger, Arthur **31 Swan St
473Kidger, Isaac38 Back Lane
471Kidger, Leo Sylvester36 Back Lane
1300King, John Harold **36 Back Lane
1318Kirk, Frank Norton51 Albion Rd
1319Kirk, Horace51 Albion Rd
739Kirk, Joseph William-Howard11 Avenue Rd
1288Kirk, Phoebe **Cossington Rd
1280Lane, George Cooper135 Cossington Rd
1408Leader, James39 Swan St
578Leggett, George5 Hobbswick
846Lewin, Alfred32 Swan St
1406Lewin, Ernest **32 Swan St
196Lewin, Frank Archibald20 Mountsorrel Lane
200Lewin, George26 Mountsorrel Lane
1425Lineker, Joseph Charles46 King St
815lnnes, John15 Swan St
1336Lovett, William1 The Banks
1233Lumley, William23&25 Little Church Lane
1367Marlow, Edward Harold **64 Cemetery Rd
1186Marlow, Frederick Jesse29 Barrow Rd
1403Marston, Alfred26 Swan St
1407Marston, John William35 Swan St
1375Martin, Lancelot13 Avenue Rd
1452Maxfield, Albert2&4 Seagrave Rd
1453Maxfield, Wilfrid2&4 Seagrave Rd
1454Maxfield, William **2 & 4 Seagrave Rd
1420Merriman, William Henry **83 Swan St
1245Middleton, Bernard Harry21 High Street
650Middleton, Herbert57&59 The Banks
1331Middleton, Thomas Archibald35 Brook St
1484Middleton, Thomas Archibald **17 & 19 High St
1246Middleton, Thomas Harold **21 High Street
1485Middleton, Thomas Harold **17 & 19 High St
1431Mitchell, Stanley Harry59 King St
1320Morris, Albert5 Brook St
1321Morris, John Henry5 Brook St
78Morsley, Alfred57 Barrow Rd
552Murray, Walter9 Brook St
1227Naylor, John **4 Mountsorrel Lane
1229Naylor, Laurence Henry34 Mountsorrel Lane
1345Neale, George74 The Banks
1398Neale, Samuel **18 Swan St
1342Neale, William33 The Banks
1191Newbold, Joseph51 Barrow Rd
1237Newbold, Thomas Albert **35 Little Church Lane
1426Newitt, Harry47 King St
1451Nixon, Frank112 King St
1289North, Jack2 Charles St
1135Orton, Stanley101 Seagrave Rd
1307Oswin, Edwin Arthur25 Albion Rd
102Oswin, George80 Barrow Rd
1234Oswin, Marshall23&25 Little Church Lane
1261Oswin, Marshall29 Cossington Rd
1230Paget, John William36 Mountsorrel Lane
1380Paling, Bernard Leonard **4 Ratcliffe Rd
1381Paling, John Samuel4 Ratcliffe Rd
1238Parkinson, Arthur1 High Street
1239Parkinson, Ernest1 High Street
1340Partridge, Benjamin **26 & 28 The Banks
213Payne, Arthur Herbert3 Little Church Lane
103Pearson, John Henry82 Barrow Rd
1476Peel, Arthur116 Seagrave Rd
1477Peel, Ernest116 Seagrave Rd
1192Perkins, Frederick George52 Barrow Rd
1395Perry, Arthur16 Swan St
1266Perry, George Henry43 Cossington Rd
1396Perry, William Harold16 Swan St
618Phillips, John36 The Banks
1263Piggins, Annie Maria **31 Cossington Rd
1468Piggins, Arthur Frederick **98 Seagrave Rd
1469Piggins, Ernest98 Seagrave Rd
1306Piggins, Harold21 Albion Rd
1470Piggins, William98 Seagrave Rd
1486Piggins, William **31 Cossington Rd
1210Porter, Alfred Bertram136 Barrow Rd
928Porter, Bernard85 Swan St
1364Porter, Colin **60 Cemetery Rd
1466Porter, Douglas **64 Seagrave Rd
1211Porter, John William-Leslie136 Barrow Rd
1481Porter, Joseph **Mountsorrel Lane
936Potter, Fred93 Swan St
1409Potter, George **40 Swan St
1242Powell, John13 High Street
899Preston, Albert Edward64 Swan St
1222Preston, Alfred172 Barrow Rd
1175Preston, Arthur8 Barrow Rd
1269Preston, Charles HenryCossington Rd
1394Preston, Cyril15 Swan St
1199Preston, Edward **74 Barrow Rd
1176Preston, Edwin8 Barrow Rd
1200Preston, Edwin **74 Barrow Rd
42Preston, John Henry30 Barrow Rd
1190Preston, William **49 Barrow Rd
1393Price, John Tom **14 Swan St
1294Randell, William Henry8 Quaker Rd
1482Read, Joseph Hood **Mountsorrel Lane
1382Reffin, George Harry **4 Ratcliffe Rd
977Reffin, Herbert39 King St
1475Riddle, Blay Kirkby114 Seagrave Rd
1223Riley, George Henry180 Barrow Rd
1387Robinson, WalterRatcliffe Rd
1315Rouse, Edgar49 Albion Rd
1316Rouse, Harry49 Albion Rd
1317Rouse, Victor William49 Albion Rd
1327Russell, Albert Edward21 Brook St
1328Russell, John Clifford21 Brook St
1240Russell, Marshall8 High Street
1483Sarson, Daisy **11 High St
1225Satchell, Frederick MarchBarrow Rd
1226Satchell, Harold WilliamBarrow Rd
1493Seddon, Charles **King St
1348Sharp, Percival Joseph4 Cemetery Rd
1290Sharpe, Alfred2 Charles St
1429Sharpe, Alfred54 King St
1244Sharpe, Ferdinand16 High Street
162Sharpe, George168 Barrow Rd
875Sharpe, William50 Swan St
1339Shaw, William Arthur16 The Banks
1283Shepherd, Tom **146 Cossington Rd
1287Shepherd, Tom **241 Cossington Rd
1463Shuttlewood, Ernest50 Seagrave Rd
418Shuttlewood, JoelCossington Rd
246Shuttlewood, William9 High Street
1293Shuttlewood, William **7 Quaker Rd
1291Simmons, Walter **2 Charles St
1445Simons, Albert92 King St
1368Simons, Edward Thomas64 Cemetery Rd
656Simons, John Albert68 The Banks
1446Simons, Lawrence92 King St
1251Smart, Ernest8 Cossington Rd
1252Smart, Wilfred8 Cossington Rd
1105Smith, Arthur Edward62 Seagrave Rd
1179Smith, Arthur Edward19 Barrow Rd
1400Smith, Ernest24 Swan St
1356Smith, Francis32 Cemetery Rd
1201Smith, Frederick86 Barrow Rd
1350Smith, Frederick **12 Cemetery Rd
332Smith, George53 Cossington Rd
914Smith, George72 Swan St
1401Smith, George **24 Swan St
169Smith, Herbert176 Barrow Rd
1032Smith, Herbert75 King St
982Smith, Horace42 King St
1351Smith, Horace12 Cemetery Rd
1292Smith, James Richard **Charles St
1297Smith, Joseph Charles10 Quaker Rd
1180Smith, Joseph Walter19 Barrow Rd
307Smith, Silas30 Cossington Rd
1352Smith, Thomas12 Cemetery Rd
1181Smith, Thomas Henry19 Barrow Rd
648Smith, William56 The Banks
98Smith, William Alfred70 Barrow Rd
1182Smith, William Harold19 Barrow Rd
1402Smith, William Henry24 Swan St
1247Southam, Richard24 High Street
1219Squires, Bernard166 Barrow Rd
1423Staniforth, Cohn4 King St
992Staples, William Allen48 King St
1314Stirk, Roland47 Albion Rd
1498Stutchberry, William Wright **Seagrave Rd
1325Summerfield, Sampson **17 Brook St
695Swan St, Alfred28 Cemetery Rd
1285Swan, William **175 Cossington Rd
1216Taylor, Albert Edward158 Barrow Rd
1062Taylor, Alfred112a King St
221Taylor, Alfred Ernest11 Little Church Lane
1377Taylor, Elijah19 Avenue Rd
1433Taylor, Ernest **62 King St
153Taylor, Frederick George158 Barrow Rd
1270Taylor, William Henry65 Cossington Rd
1411Teagle, John William **42 Swan St
1404Teagle, Joseph **31 Swan St
152Thornett, Jabez156 Barrow Rd
75Thurman, Smith55 Barrow Rd
1330Tomlinson, Josiah29 Brook St
1399Toone, Charles Edwin21 Swan St
747Toone, Frederick19 Avenue Rd
1499Towle, Thomas Peter **Swan St
340Trotter, Herbert Alfred63 Cossington Rd
1373Turle, Job **9 Avenue Rd
1371Turle, John **66 Cemetery Rd
1355Turlington, Stephen24 Cemetery Rd
1215Underwood, Harry144 Barrow Rd
687Underwood, Thomas William18 Cemetery Rd
1267Underwood, William Henry45 Cossington Rd
1254Wakeley, Ernest16 Cossington Rd
202Wakeling, John William28 Mountsorrel Lane
1430Walker, William56 King St
1250Wallin, Harold Edgar43 High Street
468Walters, Charles32 Back Lane
1376Walters, William15 Avenue Rd
1479Ward, Beatrice **34 Barrow Rd
1455Ward, Edwin3 Seagrave Rd
1341Ward, Harry26&28 The Banks
655Ward, Herbert66 The Banks
1378Ward, Isaac **19 Avenue Rd
1033Ward, John William76 King St
1369Ward, John William64 Cemetery Rd
1358Ward, Lawrence40 Cemetery Rd
1349Ward, Robert Clifton **10 Cemetery Rd
1370Ward, Thomas64 Cemetery Rd
634Waring, Jabez47 The Banks
1185Watterson, Alfred23 Barrow Rd
1083Wells, Albert14 Seagrave Rd
1365Wells, Albert62 Cemetery Rd
1366Wells, John Colin62 Cemetery Rd
1471White, Jesse99 Seagrave Rd
1472White, Percy99 Seagrave Rd
1204Whittington, Albert **94 Barrow Rd
1491Whittington, Ethel **106 King St
1189Whittington, Fred **47 Barrow Rd
1299Whittington, Frederick Percy15 Quaker Rd
1205Whittington, George Harry **94 Barrow Rd
1021Whittington, Harry66 King St
1220Whittington, Herbert172 Barrow Rd
1298Whittington, John Herbert15 Quaker Rd
1196Whittington, Joseph **66 Barrow Rd
1221Whittington, Samuel172 Barrow Rd
1309Widdowson, Ernest Frederick32 Albion Rd
1353Widdowson, Horace22 Cemetery Rd
1413Widdowson, Sam48 Swan St
1412Wild, William44 Swan St
1260Willars, William Henry27 Cossington Rd
1448Williamson, Arthur102 King St
1457Wills, David **9 Seagrave Rd
1388Wilson, JohnRatcliffe Rd
16Wilson, Thomas13 Barrow Rd
1391Wood, George Albert10 Swan St
1392Wood, Herbert10 Swan St
1271Wood, John Robert **65 Cossington Rd
1384Yates, ArthurRatcliffe Rd
1460Yates, Charles16 Seagrave Rd
1241Yates, Harold Alfred **11 High Street
1188Yates, Horace44 Barrow Rd
1080Yates, Joseph10 Seagrave Rd
1459Yates, Joseph Walter10 Seagrave Rd
1303Yates, Percival Lawrence12 Albion Rd
1439Yates, Percy71 King St
1489Yates, Rachel **58 King St
567Yates, Thomas23 Brook St


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