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Sileby Faces - pre 1960



  • Name format: Surname, Forename Middlename
  • Multiple entries for the same name appear on the rows below and are shown with = = =
  • If the person was known by their middle name or a nickname, then that is shown in quotes and they are also listed under the alternative name e.g:
  • Arnold, Harry "Gordon"
  • Arnold, Gordon
  • Burton, Keith "Scotty"
  • Burton, Scotty
  • Women are listed under both maiden and married surnames (where known)
  • Where either the surname or forename is unknown it is replaced with "?"
  • It is easy to get spellings wrong, so please check alternatives e.g:
  • Cocks / Cox
  • Cook / Cooke
  • Hetterley / Hetterly
  • Marsden / Marston
  • Phillips / Philips
  • Sharp / Sharpe
  • Willcocks / Willcox


  • To avoid confusion, where numbered circles are used for identification there is a small line within the circle that points at the face the number refers to.
  • Some photos were too large and have been split; the different segments have a letter after the photo code e.g. G06a and G06b show the left and right sides of the same photo.


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